Conference Tracker Client Testimonials

Conference Software Video Testimonials:

Dr. Nick Payne

2018 LB Payne Insurance Seminar, Exec. Dir., Kentucky Association of Chiropractors

"The (after conference) process that took 1 to 2 days now takes less than an hour. I cannot tell you the time that saved us! If you're looking to track CE hours give Conference Tracker a good solid look. I've looked through lots of tracking software in the space and there's no other product out there as efficient as Conference Tracker!"

Jessica Ballard

2017 Executive Assistant, Ohio-Section American Water Works Association

"Conference Tracker has definitely made a difference in helping us better serve our attendees."

Erin Stapleton

2016 GACE Conference Chair

"Conference Tracker was exactly what we needed.  We couldn't be more pleased with it."

Dr. Rory Reid, Ph.D., LCSW

2015 SASH Conference Chair

"If you're looking for a product that is easy to use, that allows real-time tracking, the ability to customize and print registrations, the ability to see sessions that are hot versus not with post-conference analytics for planning subsequent years' events this is the software package."

Dr. Craig Berko, D.C.

2015 Executive Director, Florida Chiropractic Society

"We use this software to ensure compliance with the requirements of Continuing Education Credits earned... The attendees appreciate that we have invested in this software to provide a solution that delivers an awesome and positive conference experience."

Dr. Joel Manion, D.C.

2014 FCPA Vice President 

"This Conference Tracker software made tracking courses much easier and allowed us to track if the sessions were required or not...  Scanning attendees' badges alleviates the problem of having long lines of people trying to sign-in on an attendance sheet."


Quotes from Conference Tracker Users

"Before Conference Tracker, we simply used paper/pen and had our attendees sign the sign-in sheet when they entered a session and when they left. Additionally, at the end of each of our sessions at our Annual Conference, attendees had to wait and have the presenter/moderator sign a completion form to verify that they attended. 

By having Conference Tracker, it has eliminated a lot of time consuming process for our attendees. A simple swipe in and out and we know what time an attendee arrived, when they left and less hassle of proving that they attended a session. 

With Conference Tracker, we are also able to compile reports that we previously were never able to do. Reports that allowed us to pull attendee rosters for each sessions easily, how long the attendees stayed in a session, which sessions were most popular and as a side benefit for our Annual Conference it gave us some security so that non-registered people would not be able to received credit that they didn’t pay for." 

E. W., Association of School Business Officials

"The Conference Tracker app by Engineerica is by far the best app we used for our annual convention. Uploading information to the app is seamless with the use of the helpful templates and easy to use website. Compared to other apps, Conference Tracker really separates itself once the conference starts. The ability for attendees to have access to the schedule, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and much more all on their mobile device is a huge benefit for them that they very much appreciate. For our association, giving the attendees the capability to track how many credit hours they earned throughout the week on their own is of paramount importance. The S.C. Chiropractic Association will continue to use this great product."

- Annie W. Wilson, Esq., Capitol Consultants

"Conference tracker made our event a much better event form an administrative standpoint. I purchased the software less than 3 weeks before the event but it worked flawlessly for us. We actually only had about 3-4 hours of work into setting up and using the software prior to our event. The intuitiveness of the software allowed us to take it and implement it quickly. It is very user friendly. We were able to easily change the software on the fly and it did everything we needed.

We have used other products and they lacked to easy interface and the support you get with Conference Tracker. If you want to have a product that is easy to use, very intuitive and flexible, then Conference tracker is for you!"

Nicholas R Payne DC, Executive Director, Kentucky Association of Chiropractors

"Our claims service is one of the premier independent adjusting firms in the nation and have an annual conference for our adjusters. Our process until this point has been a manual check in/out process and has become a cumbersome task for all staff. Our difficulties included time efficiency, report consolidation, and process simplification. 

This year we decided to invest in a solution to alleviate these concerns and find a more efficient solution. Conference Tracker was selected as our primary attendance tracking solution. Conference Tracker decreased the time allotted for check in/out by more than 90%. In addition, the reporting provided by Conference Tracker gave us the flexibility to provide multiple different compliance reports for different vendors. Conference Tracker increased the efficiency of our annual conference significantly and was an overall success. We are extremely pleased and looks forward to new features in Conference Tracker."

F. M., Director of IT Services

"We didn't have an electronic program before conference tracker. We had attendees sign in at the sessions they were attending and handed out preprinted stickers. The problem with the stickers was that we often ran out because there was no way we were able to estimate how many would attend each session. If this occurred the presenter had to sign each attendee's verification paper who did not receive a sticker. Then all sessions were manually calculated. It was a monumental task since we average 500 attendees. In addition we were unable to distinguish the type of session they were attending.

Conference tracker has vastly changed our conference. Not only are we able to disaggregate the type of sessions that attendants attended, we are now able to better plan future conference schedules based on the data conference tracker provides of sessions attended. We have used conference tracker for multiple conferences at this point. Each year we discover new benefits of conference tracker. We can now solve attendance issues instantly. Such an asset considering we had to solve them long after the conference ended in the past.

Another feature we utilized at the last conference was the email capabilities. We had question of how long certain attendants were in a session because there were discrepancies in the scans.  We were able to email the attendee in question and request they come to our area to confirm attendance then immediately corrected the issue.  This feature was invaluable.   

We researched various electronic scanning companies before selecting conference tracker. We chose conference tracker because it best met our needs. It is cost efficient and user friendly. Our plan is to continue using this product."

T. B., Counseling Association, AR

"We previously used a manual process of tracking attendance at our annual conference sessions.  This was time consuming and human error sometimes came into play when we were then inputting the information into our transcript management system.  Conference Tracker provided an automated system for scanning attendees’ badges, and we were able to export the records into our transcript management system.  The scanning devices were iPhones, so we didn’t have to rent any special equipment, keeping the costs down.  As a non-profit running a small conference, this was a cost-effective way for us to improve our systems with a small budget. As new users, the tech support we received was an added benefit."

E. S., Education & Training Program Coordinator, NH

"We used a manual process for tracking attendees prior to discovering Conference Tracker.  When an attendee entered the classroom, the proctor checked his/her official government photo ID. The attendee printed and signed their name on a sign-in sheet which included the sign-in time. When they exited the classroom the attendee signed the sign-out sheet and recorded the time. Each sheet contained the course title, room, class time, date, presenter’s name and the proctor’s name. These sheets were forwarded to the agent in charge of validation of the Continuing Education Units.  This system worked very well but required some amount of staff time by the agent in charge of validation of the Continuing Education Units to verify the signatures and number of hours. 

Conference Tracker decreased the amount of time required to perform the manual process. Conference Tracker was selected because the Board of Examiners required electronic scanning of the attendees as they entered and exited the classrooms."

National Chiropractic Association 

"We were using EventBrite but had to engage the services of Conference Tracker at the eleventh hour in order to be able to check-in/check-out participants at multiple sessions during same timeslots using iPads. These folks took care of the importing of session data, room data, etc. from Eventbrite into Conference Tracker for check-in/check-out on conference day. They went way above and beyond your typical customer service/tech support . Worked like a charm and I am very grateful. Will use this service again for other conferences/training sessions next school year"

K. M., Anchorage School District

"We started scanning in and out about 7 years ago.  We also include a sign in / sign out sheet with the proctor as a back-up.  Scanning has been a huge staff time saver.  Our doctors weren’t too happy with the switch at first but now they roll with the flow.  We originally purchased our scanner system from XXX.  They designed the software to fit out specific needs.  They also took my CE letter and worked it to merge with the data collected.  Overall we were happy with the product.  The biggest problem we had was our Board would monitor the sessions and there always seemed to be operator error, thus the importance of the sign in /out sheets.  

We combated the issue of the operator error with the hiring of proctors.  We hired college students and their namebadges said their name and we made up the company name “ScanMan Technologies”.  Being an “independent company” responsible for scanning, this seemed to be a great help with attendees arguing about scanning in and out.  Doctors could not ask a Board member to let them not scan out when they left in a midst of the session, leaving the Board member conflicted.  Don’t get me wrong, you will still have the doctor say he has a heart condition and cannot be scanned or I am only going to the bathroom for a minute, or even slipping out the service entrance and coming back soaking wet from the pool.  There will always be those few.

In 2014 we leased newer technology from Engineerica called Conference Tracker.  It is sooooo easy to use and so much more efficient, plus it is economical!  You know immediately if the scan did not take place.  We had fewer errors.  They too have a CE Verification letter you can use, the namebadges are printed from their website with the QR code automatically assigned.  They even have the software for the vendors to lease.  They lease iPods, or you can use your own iPhone to scan. This is the first year ever that we did not have doctors calling saying I attended such and such and did not get the credit. Another huge benefit for us is we do not have to continually worry about updating the software to implement changes and/or bugs and still have not the scanner work correctly.">

N. D., Executive Director, Medical Association

"Our initial primary use for use Conference Tracker was to insure that the college-aged student attendees of our annual conference were attending their workshops and seminars. Before using Conference Tracker, we used attendance sheets to check off whether a participant showed up or not and relied on the hotel to provide us the number of attendees at the large (300 people or more) gatherings. As a result, we experienced:

  1. Participants attending workshops they were “more interested in” instead of the one they were assigned to and it not being noticed until half way through the period.
  2. We were not able to adequately account for late arrivals.
  3. We could not detect quickly enough attendance problems and address them in a timely manner.
  4. We could not challenge the hotels count of participants.

2015 marked our second year of using Conference Tracker and we were able to expand its usefulness to us over the first year by:

  • Tracking all attendee arrivals to the conference
  • Tracking participant arrival to workshops, seminars and plenary session
  • Tracking distribution of stipends and gift bags
  • Quickly generating nametags (and re-generate nametags)
  • Producing differing nametags for participants based on their conference track (Scholars v. alumni)>
  • Assessing participation in optional activities for planning of future conferences"

L.J., National FoundationA

"Previously we used softwere from local IT company that is only for attendance tracking.  This other software had so many problems and its IT service was taking very long time to answer questions.  The software was too complicated and after a while we gave up and switched to Conference Tracker.  Conference Tracker is so much easier and its IT responds immediately.  Conference Tracker is simple and have everything you want for managing the attendance in simple manner." 

Dr. A. , Dentistry Association

"We utilized iConf for our annual conference.  The customer service was impeccable!  They provided the training to use their product and spent additional time to ensure that everyone involved were properly trained.  They also offered to hold additional webinars if needed. The staff was available for any questions or problems we had immediately and I didn't even have to listen to a phone menu with an endless list of options.  In addition, they often called back to confirm the issue had been resolved.  This is a rarity today with many companies.  In addition, this a company that cares about their customers.  They were eager to hear feedback in order to make their product more user friendly for our needs.  Kudos to Engineerica for remembering customer service above all!"

T. Bowen, AR  

"We used the Conference Tracker application for the Metro Atlanta EMS Conference to track attendee session attendance for distributing Continuing Education Credits for our conference attendees. The application was phenomenal! The previous years we tracked attendance using manual sign in sheets and then distributed CEU certificates by creating them using mail merge and emailing them individually. This was very time consuming. This year the Conference Tracker app tracked all the attendee sessions and we distributed all the CEU hour certificates by email with the click of button! This saved us many hours and the certificates look much more professional. Creating and printing the pre-registration attendees badges was also super easy and a huge time saver. We also used the app for walk-up registration and printed the badges instantly onsite. The app was very easy to use and very intuitive. We imported all our data and used the app for the entire conference without even having to take tutorials or spend hours learning how it worked. We were so impressed with the ease of use and functionality of the application that we are now recommending the app for state wide EMS CEU tracking and we have recommended it to a local hospital as well as other conferences in the area. You hit a home run with the Conference Tracker app! Thank you for great conference attendee tracking and making a very stressful weekend much less stressful!"

Chris Smith, 2015/2016 Metro Atlanta EMS Conference Chair 

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