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AccuClass offers many tools to help you efficiently track your classroom attendance. Click on the video above to catch a glimpse of what it can do for you, and scroll down to view its top features and benefits.

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Top Features and Benefits

Top Features
  • Student attendance monitoring system with multiple data capture methods.
  • Cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.
  • Supports sign in with QR Codes, Student ID Card Swipe, Bluetooth beacon,  and RFID / proximity readers,
  • Online class attendance sheet.
  • Customizable attendance rules and status buttons
  • Exporting capabilities
  • Live polls and quizzes
  • Easy export and import of data
  • Free attendance app for your mobile devices
Benefits for Teachers
  • Reduce time spent taking attendance
  • Easily sign students in and out of class
  • Increase classroom engagement by using live polls to improve your lesson plan
  • Display charts and graphs of students’ responses to live polls to better understand student learning progress
  • Sort students’ attendance into default or customized categories (Present, Absent, Tardy, Early Departure, and Excused)
  • Learn your student names and faces in advance with photos and student recorded name pronunciation

AccuClass application

The AccuClass app will transform your Apple iOS or Android device into a portable class attendance recording device. Use the app to call the roll, or use the built-in camera to read barcodes and sign the students in. The Apple app also supports a magnetic card reader to swipe magnetic strip ID cards.The AccuClass app can also be used by students to self sign-in to the class, and also to answer quick poll questions.


River Institutes

Wilhelm Mauch

Admissions Director, RMI

With Accuclass the workflow has been extremely simplified. It saves us time and tedious work. It's easy to use but yet offers a wide spectrum for individualization and for setting up a great variety of functions.

George Mason University - INTO

Jasmyne Rogers

Academic Support Specialist

As an Academic Support Specialist working with International Students at INTO George Mason University, AccuClass has been vital to ensuring that our students are meeting the requirements needed to maintain their Visa status. Our instructors record class attendance online daily which allows me to check attendance records easily and from any location. The AccuClass system lets me check attendance records by both individual students and class rosters in a manner that is more accessible than any other program I have used. The website is easy to navigate and data imports and exports make for seamless integration between AccuClass and the other record keeping systems that we use. Thank you for this great product!

Evans City School Cyber Lab, Grades K-6, Seneca Valley School District, Harmony, PA

Jennifer Bornes


We use AccuClass in the lab to help keep track of our student’s comings and goings. Most of them come to the cyber lab to take an accelerated or advanced math course. Many of these students have a varied schedule between specials (electives such as gym, art, band and many others), and pull-out for club activities and enrichment. It can be a daunting task to keep track of the nearly 45 students who come and go through the day. However, by utilizing AccuClass technology we no longer need to rely on a paper sign in/out sheet. Students each have a card with a unique QR code and they can check in and out at the iPod station next to the door. The students really enjoy the system and they think it is “cool”, especially since our lab is the only room in the building to date to use this technology. It is a real help!

George Mason University - INTO

Ashley Bus

AccuClass is very beneficial to our students and our institute as a whole. We work with international students who are required by law to attend a certain percentage of classes each semester. AccuClass allows our instructors to keep a record of student attendance that is visible by the instructors, the advisors, the immigration specialists, and myself (academic support). We are able to closely monitor the students and their attendance, ensuring they receive the best education experience they can while meeting all the rules and regulations set by the government. The most helpful aspect of AccuClass is being able to set the default to something reminding instructors to take attendance. Then we can visually see which instructors have taken attendance while monitoring the students’ records. In my position, I view AccuClass on an almost daily basis, ensuring that students are registered for the correct courses and attending courses. Then I report back to various departments on student attendance. Thank you, AccuClass for making my job easier!

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