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Conference Tracker’s Registration and Event Marketing Tools

Streamline your registration and grow your attendee list

Know what you’re numbers are at a glance. View all registrations of attendees and exhibitors at the top of your dashboard. See analytics for contacts, including conversion rates and the number of messages sent. Download registration reports in Excel to analyze and share with other stakeholders. and see financial reports based on registration fees and revenue sources.

Build your landing page with your event banner, sponsor logos, event details, and registration forms, or embed the registration tools on your own event website. Ask custom questions and add branching logic to your registration forms to guide your attendees’ selections.

Email Marketing Tools

Import contacts and send marketing emails to increase interest and awareness. Fully customize and schedule marketing emails to send out automatically to your contacts. Send emails about special add-ons, guest speakers, and other details in advance to increase registration for your event. Create a sense of community prior to the event by emailing sneak-peeks and event information to registered attendees and exhibitors.

Stay organized and informed with full management of your registration. You will be able to edit registrations, view and approve pending registrations if not set to auto-approve, receive automatic payment confirmations, and add relevant notes to registrations. Create separate registration forms for attendees and exhibitors and sell meal tickets, excursions, and exclusives at the time of registration even accept donations.

Payment Services

  • Paypal
  • Stripe

Simplify your event and allow attendees to register for individual sessions and pay related fees using the various payment methods listed above or by keeping it simple and just using cash or checks.

Invoice and Discount Coupon Options

Design and customize registration invoices for customers to fit your brand and guidelines. Download invoices where needed.

Use Conference Tracker to generate and share coupons with specified restrictions to increase interest.

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